Honest views from both camps but Hindley’s furious: “If I get done, I’m not bothered. I’m sick to death of it.”

For the second time in a week, Hallam and Rossington Main face off against each other, this time is was Ryan Hindley’s team to host, but on the face of it 0-0 doesn’t seem an entertaining scoreline, but with two sending off’s and a host of chances, the crowd of 169 certainly got their money’s worth.

“Deserved, I think. The first half performance deserved a draw. They came out of the traps second half and were the better side.  Then we go down to ten men, which is always difficult against a top, top side but credit where credit’s due. You know, if they’d have defended like that last week they’d have got summat from the game.

“I’ve just told them in there: you should have nothing to fear now. Eight, nine… whatever games are left, let’s just keep putting in them performances because that’s all you can ask. And what they’ve given today and that drive and they’re refusing to get beat is all you can ask as a manager.

Rossington Main manager Ryan Hindley. Credit: Craig Kendall

“You know, we could have won it at the end when we’re clean through and it’s not offside. Again I’m sure I’ll read reports and everything else but it’s concerning me week in, week out the standard of this officiating. You know, four bookings in the first twenty minutes and not one is a booking. That’s three for us and one for Hallam. Not bookings. The second yellow, which is a booking but he’s booked him for nothing so it shouldn’t be two bookings.

“And then my player’s laid down injured… alright, he’s laid off the pitch and he’s obviously said something but, you know, temperatures are high. People care and he’s called him an ******g joke and, to be honest, I think he’s just told him about his performances and what everybody thought, if I’m being honest.

“If I get done, I’m not bothered. I’m sick to death of it. He might as well have tried to walk it in their net for them but… So we lose Jordan for three games and we lose Sam for one and we’re already down to bare bones so it’ll be another busy, hectic week.

“But take nothing away from anything, the lads today deserved a point. They deserve all the plaudits they’re going to get against a very, very good side who are relentless in how they try and play against you. I thought Jonathan Fusco on his debut today was the best player on the pitch. I thought he was outstanding. I thought they all were and listen…

“They might think, “well, we’ve not performed” but Hallam have performed today, I don’t care what anybody says. They’ve had some good moments of play. We’ve just stood tall and stood the test and we’ve got exactly what we deserved. So when they defend like that and when they give me that, they’ll get nothing but praise from me.

“But this is the problem and the consistency is we’ve now got to put that into next week and if they put that into next week they’ll get something at Glasshoughton. If they don’t they’ll get beat and we can’t afford to do that.

“Yeah, I’d have snatched somebody’s hand off before the game if they’d have said, you know, I’ll give you a 0-0 draw but it feels like a victory because we got royally beat up last Saturday so I’m delighted. I’ll sleep. I might need the defibrillator next to my bed but I think I’ll sleep tonight.”

Hallam’s management team: Joint Manager’s Scott Bates and Stephen Whitehead and Assistant Manager Dean Bamforth.

Whilst from the opposition dugout, Assistant manager Dean Bamforth sees it as two points lost, not one gained, “Obviously I am disappointed. It is two points dropped for us, we can’t hide behind it. We wasted 45 minutes.

“Second half I stand by it, you won’t see a better 45 minutes by any team at our level. We were fantastic. Rosso defended brilliantly. It’s gone now. We move onto Tuesday.”

Whilst Joint Manager Scott Bates added, “In a nut shell: awful 1st half, outstanding 2nd half. The lads were brilliant and a joy to watch in the second.

“Top and bottom of it, we didn’t take our chances which we created loads of, but really pleased with the second half reaction, I thought we were top class.”

Whilst late on Saturday night, fellow joint manager Stephen Whitehead had time to reflect, “Disappointing if I’m honest. Credit to Rossington they defended well, putting there body’s on the line in there box and that’s where I thought we was not brave enough.

“We had chance after chance and couldn’t convert and that we will address. But, now onto Tuesday and what is a massive game for us. So we move on and prepare our team like we always do.

“If today’s game was a boxing match it would have been stopped around the hour mark.”

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  1. I’ll sum the game up. Hallams keeper could have gone for a pint, come back & got laid out to get tanned on a lovely day because he had nothing to do. If Hallam had put away every chance they would have got double figures. I can’t recall a clear cut chance for us in the entire game. Rosso defended well in the 2nd half especially but a combination of that, luck, post, & them missing chance after chance helped us. Rosso offered nothing going forward at all.

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