DENTON: “We’re certainly not going to park the bus!”

Come 9:40pm last night, Craig Denton will have been secretly delighted by the news that Bottesford Town had defeated Penistone Church – and we have a sneaky suspicion that a bottle of red wine may have been consumed.

However, Denton is not getting carried away as we caught up with the young Manager earlier yesterday and he first reflected on their 2-0 away midweek win at Harrogate Railway. “We were delighted with collecting three points. We knew that it was going to be a difficult place to go to on a Tuesday evening, especially with the travelling and the lads getting in for a Tuesday night kick off away at Harrogate. It’s always a bit of a challenge and they’re trying to collect the points because they’re down at the bottom.”

“Testament to Harrogate: I thought they really put us to the sword in the first half. They made things really difficult for us. A little bit of naiveté from our players, going into the first half. I don’t know if their mentality controlled that but it’s credit to Harrogate Railway because I thought they were outstanding. We didn’t really capitalise on our run of form but we’re so delighted with taking the three points and putting in that professional performance.”

“Coming in at half time 1-0 up, we encouraged our players to continue what we’d been doing in this great run of form and just to be patient with the ball, try to make good decisions and not concede but to try and get the early goal in the second half. We didn’t because Harrogate made it really difficult for us but we came out 2-0 winners. I thought it was an honest and professional display and we brought three points back home, which was the focus.”

You’re now had eight wins in a row in the League and eleven games without defeat since 22nd December. It’s over two months now since Worksop Town lost so you must be delighted.

“Yes, really pleased. I’ve said it before but all the credit goes to the players for all their hard work and determination. That’s all the players, not just those who are starting. It’s a full squad picture. A lot of people look at the starting eleven and say, “that’s great! Picking up the points and winning games.”

“We’ve been on a great run and all I can say is everybody who is a registered player at Worksop Town have really dug in. Some players have been more patient than others. They’ve battled at times to get into the team and they’ve given 110%. That’s been from everyone so it goes back to them: they’ve done the hard work and they’ve reaped the rewards.”

It’s been a long season so far. You’ve played plenty of games. At the beginning of the season you weren’t in the greatest of forms and some of the fans weren’t particularly happy with your style. You asked for a bit of patience and now that patience has been rewarded.

“The fans pay to come to watch the game and they have opinions, just like me. If I ever go to a Sheffield Wednesday game I have an opinion in terms of style and how they play etc. and rightly so.”

“We were putting a brand new side together at the start of the season. We had a really good, positive preseason. We got some great players into the club; one or two fell by the wayside but that’s football. Overall I knew that the Worksop fans would be patient. When they saw us winning games it’s great but seeing the lads giving 100% to the football club and showing lots of commitment and desire also goes a really long way.”

“All we can do is concentrate on ourselves and the old cliché is if we win our games then that’s all we can do. There will be lots of ups and downs towards the end of the season. We’ll come up against sides who will make it difficult for us and I know that Penistone will do too. Yorkshire Amateur and Brid will come up against teams who will make it really challenging for them towards the end of the season.”

“It’s all about that determination; that grit and the willingness to win and not to concede. Testament to our lads, we’ve got that really hard to beat mentality but that doesn’t make us invincible. And the clubs at the top there, such as Penistone, Yorkshire Amateur, Bridlington and everybody else, they’ll all say the same: there are some tough games.”

“We’ve got a really tough month coming up. We come up against Yorkshire Amateur on Saturday. In this month we’ll see Staveley and Penistone. They’re really tough games – like they all are – but we’ll just stay focused. We’ll concentrate on our fixtures and see where that takes us.”

Speaking of Saturday, you face Yorkshire Amateur, who are doing fantastically well after coming second last season. They’ve got Ashley Flynn, who you’re well aware of. They’ve got attacking threats all over the park, to be fair to them, so it will be a really tough game and probably expecting 500+ fans to watch such a high profile match.

“It’s a big, high profile setting. Season ticket holders for Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United get in for free on Saturday so hopefully that will give us a good push.”

“We just need to concentrate on our performance. We know what Yorkshire Amateur are all about. They’re a class side. They’ve got lots of quality but we can counteract that and say we have. We’ve got Craig Mitchell, who is in great form, our centre forward. Matt Sykes and his 20-plus goals as well. Lynton Karkach, who’s just come in with us, is on form and hit the ground running. We’ve got individuals as well who can make teams have a really bad day at the office.”

“So have Yorkshire Amateur, so Saturday will be a great game of football. It will be something where, personally, if I was a fan I’d certainly pay my money to come and watch that game.”

So it will be 0-0?

“We’ll see!”

You’re going to park the bus?

“We’re certainly not going to park the bus. Like when we went to their place, we’ll try to go for the win. We drew that game but they were decent, to be fair.”

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