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Hallam management team not impressed by Officials or Liversedge bench!

Last night Hallam FC bowed out of the NCEL League Cup at the Quarter-Final stage after an epic 3-2 loss away at Liversedge, after extra-time.

Danny Farrar put the hosts in front on 21 minutes, then just three minutes later Hallam star striker Keiren Watson bagged the equaliser.

Liversedge then went in front again, with Farrar bagging his second of a tight game. With just seven minutes to go Tom Wilson snatched a late equaliser for the Countrymen.

Chances for both sides were at a premium during the last few minutes as the referee signalled for an additional thirty minutes of footballing action at The Clayborn.

The tie was eventually settled just before the break, with Alfie Raw netting from the penalty spot, on a night which the Hallam management team took great pride from.

Assistant Manager Dean Bamforth said, “Disappointed obviously. I thought we matched ’em all the way. Some real standout performances. Great character to come from behind twice.”

“The officials were superb as usual and we also got to meet two absolute beauty’s. I’ll let you work that out.”

Whilst Joint Manager Scott Bates added, “Where do I start. I thought our lads were brilliant from start to finish, against a big strong Liversedge side, whatever they threw at us we dealt with, and we reacted well when we went behind.”

“The less we speak about the officials, probably for the better, getting odd one or two things right then speaking/ booking the wrong player. I could go on all night, but if you don’t laugh, you’d lose plot, it has got to that stage of being laughable.”

“Credit to Liversedge players though they played well, but think the dugouts are too close as after the 120 minutes you could develop a migraine!”

Lastly, the other Joint Manager at Hallam Stephen Whitehead echoed his fellow companions thoughts. “I thought the lads were outstanding last night and deserved more out of the game. We had all the major calls from the officials go against us. Bish gets pushed down in their box just before he’s going to play the ball across, which is a stone wall penalty.

“Then Roey gets pulled up for offside when it’s a tight call and his goal gets ruled out then between the the linesman flags for a goal kick, the ref blows his whistle they have a conversation and they come to a penalty and a sending off. Our lads have done brilliant putting their bodies on the line in extra time to keep the ball out and I don’t think anyone could be certain it hit a hand it was guess work at a crucial time.”

“And as for their dugout, well don’t get me started. Embarrassing.”

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