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OWNAFC is up for sale…

We reported on OWNAFC a couple of weeks ago, an app which “offers you the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be at the forefront of a whole new generation of football club owners. Become an OWNA, take charge of a real-life football club, and taste the glory of the game at first hand. This is your unique opportunity to be a part of the biggest revolution in football since the dawn of the Sky Sports era in 1992.”

However, after several high profile press articles from the likes of the BBC, Daily Mail and The Sun, membership suddenly grew from 2,500 to nearly 10,000 members – however this brought its own fair share of problems and critics online.

At the end of February, it was reported that OWNAFC were in talks with three potential clubs for a takeover. However after near completion of a deal with Hednesford Town failed, OWNAFC’s Twitter and Facebook accounts vanished, along with its website which went down and, via the app, the ‘OWNAs’ received a message stating that OWNAFC had “ceased trading” with immediate effect owing to “harassment from users on social media platforms”, “threats made against the children of directors” and “an ongoing online smear campaign”.

However, on Tuesday morning OWNAFC confirmed: “OWNAFC Limited can confirm that, after meeting with its legal representatives, business is continuing as normal.”

Alongside this, founder responded, confirming “the business is up for sale and there are interested parties.”

Watch this space….

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