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OGI: “I believe it [staying up] or I’d be handing my resignation in, but the players have to think it too!”

Craig Oglvie’s Harrogate Railway Athletic tomorrow travel to Dennyfield to face Thackley in a hotly anticipated game, as they look to get out of the relegation zone once again.

The men from Station View slipped back into the bottom two after Hall Road’s great win last weekend, but Ogi is confident in his men. “Another tough game this week as they always are against a good outfit in the form Thackley. They’ve been picking up some good results and Paddy deserves a lot more credit than he gets for the job he’s doing at the club. Not many managers would do what he’s done, with what he has to work with.”

“He’s got some clubs around him who financially are in a better position and other clubs who may be seen as a better prospect. So, he’s already behind the 8 ball when it comes to certain parts of his job so, to be sat in 13th and I really hope he maintains that position, he’ll be up there for Manager of the year in my opinion!”

“That might sound daft but taking all factors into it, he’s got the club in a great place. We’re on a bit of a downer after last week. It was awful, lacklustre but on the plus point, this week can’t be as bad as that, it really just can’t! We’ve got 8 games left so there’s a lot of points still up for grabs and we’ve got to really continue to believe we have a chance of staying up.”

“I believe it or I’d be handing my resignation in, but the players have to think it too. If they don’t think we can stay up which I don’t have a problem with, it’s time to have a quiet word with me, we’ll shake hands and move on. I need lads that are willing to battle, willing to work hard to keep us up. We can’t afford stragglers or people who can’t do the first rule of football which is work hard so, for those they have this week left to prove it, if they don’t prove it, it’s goodbye.”

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