AGNEW: “I’ve told the lads that it’s the first and last time they put a performance in like that!”

It was certainly a day to forget for Bridlington Town and their Manager Brett Agnew as they suffered their first defeat in the league since January, a 1-0 loss at Barton Town and with it their hopes of promotion took a huge dent.

Will Waudby scored the only goal of the game after 21 minutes to give the Swans just their second win of the year.

Agnew was reflective though on the loss, “I thought Barton deserved every part of that win, they out fought, out worked us and for a change our quality was nowhere to be seen, so today we deserved everything we got.”

“I’ve told the lads that it’s the first and last time they put a performance in like that because that is not what we and many others have come to expect at Bridlington Town.”

“We dust it under the carpet and move onto next week as there is plenty more twists n turns left. All I see is a chance missed to go second, that’s all nothing else.”

“My lads have been excellent since we’ve taken on the reigns and are in a promotion fight because they have worked hard, listened and learned what we have asked of them.”

“We have already done better this season than we have in the last 4 years so it’s been a good season so far, but I don’t want it just to be good I want seasons to be great ones.”

“It was very good to see such a mixture of clubs fans at the game today especially North Ferriby fans and a special mention to the Barton Groundsman for getting the only game in the league on.”

Goalscorer Waudby was pleased to be on the score sheet, “It was a decent result and well deserved. I thought the lads worked hard as a team and had a great game plan to get the win. Credit to everyone involved.”

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