HINDLEY: “I’ve just had a sit down with the Committee as regards my future because I can’t let this good club go down!”

Rossington Main suffered their third defeat in a row yesterday as Campion despatched Ryan Hindley’s men 4-0 at Oxford Street.

Leon Hurles-Brook (7 minutes), an own goal from Josh Gibbons (40 minutes), Marcus Day (50 minutes) and Jason Carney (76 minutes) were all on target, a result which leaves Campion just three points from top spot, but Main teetering just six points above the drop zone.

“Sloppy goals,” Hindley started his press conference with. “We started the game quite bright. For the first 5-10 minutes I thought we looked good. I thought maybe something had clicked and then we concede from a set piece. Then we concede from a second set piece and it’s a tough ask. We changed at half-time. We came out and we did a little bit better.”

“But something’s just not right, you know. I’ve just had a sit down with the Committee as regards my future because I can’t let this good club go down. We sat down and we’ve had a bit of a heart to heart and we’ve decided we’ll stick together, which is good. Without going over the same old ground, I haven’t had a Chairman for the last how many weeks, we haven’t had a physio, we haven’t had a structure and it just shows you with the guys that I’ve just sat down with, they’re working to make sure things are right. Hopefully by the end of the season there’ll be a structure in place, because this club’s a great club.”

“It has a fantastic infrastructure. It’s everything that most clubs strive to be like. At the minute we’re not winning on or off the pitch; and on the pitch I’ll take responsibility for that. I’ll look at myself and I’ll say that we need to do a lot better. We need to stop conceding sloppy goals; we have a game Tuesday that we can potentially put things right. I think we need a couple of wins to be safe and, like I’ve just said, I believe that the players are right. I believe that I’m right and that we can all stick together and keep this club up. Hopefully next year have a structure in place and have everything in place to go and drive forward.”

“The second season’s over with so that’s judgement for me because you have to kiss a few frogs, you have to go through players, you have to call in favours and you have to do other stuff. Sometimes those favours work and sometimes those favours don’t work. Sometimes players that come with great reputations don’t do the business and sometimes you get a rough diamond who comes in and you go, “what a player he is! Where’s he been all our life?” At the minute we haven’t got any rough diamonds and we’re not performing.”

“I’ve got to lift myself, because I’ll need it.  I’ll take it on the chin for today – I’ve got enough of them – and then brush ourselves down and hopefully come back slicker and put a better performance in on Tuesday night. But we’re running out of games and we’ve got to sort it.”

“For me today, it was just a flat game, a flat performance and we got what we deserved, which is nothing. I don’t think it was a 4-0, I don’t, but we certainly didn’t deserve to get any points out of it. I think we’ve had three or four shots, if that. We’ve not really laid a glove on them and defensively we always looked like we were going to concede. That starts from the front, all the way through the team so that’s not individually, it’s collectively.”

“We have to get better and work harder. I’ve seen some things today that have really, really upset me in terms of work rate and endeavour to close people down, to put people’s bodies on the line. That’s not one of my teams so we’ll try and get it right. We’ll try and get better.”

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