Hindley with half-time “hairdryer” treatment inspires Rosso comeback

Rossington Main Manager Ryan Hindley has been quite quiet recently in terms of media output, but following yesterday’s 2-2 draw with AFC Emley, he took time out to speak to the waiting media team.

Hindley did have to wait though until the last 11 minutes before his side could put the ball in the back of the net after Emley had gone into a 2-0 lead. Then in injury time Jack Crook popped up with the equaliser.

“We just looked and realised we needed to change something. Holmesy was ambling about, but he was pretty much before the game. So we put big Tyler up there, put Josh on at centre-half and obviously we brought Crooky on early doors for James and I think Crooky’s changed the game. Big, gangly, you know and he’s worked his socks off and he’s got his goal. It’s a massive goal for us. It’s a massive point for us and do you know what? We deserved it!”

“It’s very rare that I hit the roof as a Manager and anybody who’s played for me will tell you that. It’s very rare that I lose my temper, but I was really, really disappointed with us, first-half. I don’t think we offered anything. I thought we were ambling. I thought we were just coasting through the game, so I read the riot act at half-time; and we’ve come out a completely different team. Kid’s handballed it in. Apparently for the second, which has never been a corner. I spoke to the ref; it was never a corner…”

[Russ Sheppard confirms to Ryan, “It wasn’t a corner”]. “I knew it weren’t. I know you’re streaming it so you can see and, like I said after, I think it’s cost us three points. But, having said that, I think the ref’s had a good game. I think he’s controlled it really, really well and there could have been a few more yellows… so I will praise ref’s where they deserve it.”

“Maybe it’s cost me three points, maybe not, but then we’ve got to defend better. It’s alright saying the corner’s cost us three points; we’ve got to defend the corner better. Unfortunately, any manager playing or lining up against us, they know their players can have a field day at set pieces and we’ve got to get better. We welcome back three or four massive players on Tuesday. We’ll be a different animal.”

“I just need to go away and think how we fit them best in to go and get another three points against a well-organised, a well-drilled and a good, good Selby side. It’s going to be a big ask but it’s very rare that you can welcome back four players – that make you better. Normally you’ve lost a couple through suspension or injury and players come in who can’t really affect things. I think Tuesday we become a better side by welcoming back these four bodies in Stokesy, hopefully Jas, Wit and another. So yes, I’d have taken a point before the game, so I’ll take that. Can’t praise Fusco [enough]; I thought he was outstanding today.”

“I’m sure you’ll all sit down and discuss the Man of the Match. It’s got to be Jacko or Jonno. But great point and now we need to build on that and I think – like I said – another win and maybe another four points from these next four games will see us home and dry. We want to finish as high as possible.”

“We want to stay unbeaten and give these punters and this great club something to look forward to next year. I’ll go away and think in the summer, but I’m fairly certain if myself, Holmesy, Stu and maybe another addition to that Management team as a player – and I’ll sit and talk to Jas – that’ll give us that opportunity.”

“I’d have took a point before the game, against a well-organised Emley side who are looking up the table and doing well so, yes, I’m happy with that!”

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