Bolsover’s relegation confirmed but it was off the pitch comments which really upset Chatfield

Despite their valient efforts, FC Bolsover’s relegation from the NCEL was yesterday confirmed with a 3-2 loss to Parkgate and to be fair to their Manager Matthew Chatfield, he still spoke to the waiting media, as he always does after the game.

“Well on one hand I’m proud of the lads from being 0 points at the start of December to being within a chance of staying up, with three games left is unbelievable.”

“However I’m gutted and disappointed at the way we have lost the game, from being 1-0 up at half-time and I felt their goalkeeper pulled 2/3 great saves to stop us going more ahead. In the second-half we gifted them their first goal with our centre-back heading the ball back to the goalkeeper, with no pace on it, for their striker to tap the ball in.”

“Then for the second there was a clear foul on one of our lads, which the referee failed to see, which was part of our own fault for not clearing the ball in the right areas. The third goal which I felt was the only goal that they worked for was the killer, to be fair to the lads they got a goal back but it was too late for our lads.”

“I need to point out this, as I feel it’s embarrassing. I always thought there was a Management etiquette. I know when the game is on their is that banter of wanting to win, but while the game is going off for their Assistant Manager to say “I hope you get relegated” is disgusting, and not how I’ve been to anyone this season.”

“Andy to be fair to him said he would deal with it, but I felt he needed naming and shaming, because there is no place for it.”

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