Detailed look into Step 6 Promotion race!

At the start of the season there were 28 promotion spots available for Step 6. This means that the Champion club from each division, plus the 9 runners up with the best PPG across the 19 divisions. Should there be any vacancies at Step 5, then the amount of runners-up being promoted will be increased.

At Step 6, promotion is compulsary. However, clubs in the SWP are allowed to turn down promotion due to location/costs. This could open up an additional promotion spot.

Due to Thamesmead Town folding at Step 4, there will be a vacancy at Step 5, thus a 10th runner up will be promoted.
Due to Colwyn Bay leaving the English pyramid, there will be a vacancy at Step 5, thus an 11th runner up will be promoted.
Plymouth Argyle Reserves will not be promoted and will be dropping lower than Step 6.
There is the possibility that North Ferriby United will be reformed at Step 5. IF that happens then one LESS club will be promoted from Step 6.

In the Combined Counties Combination Division One, if Frimley Green win their two games in hand then they will be promoted. Failure to win maximum points will hand the title and promotion to Sheerwater.

If Sheerwater finish second, as it stands, they wouldn’t get promotion as they are 12th in the PPG table. But if any clubs above them in the PPG drop points then they would potentially move into the top 11.

Three sides from the East Midlands Counties League could still win promotion. Selston and Sherwood face each other on the last day of the season, but Selston could wrap up a guaranteed 2nd place with a win today against Barrow Town.

Mulbarton, Swaffham and Harleston could all mathematically win promotion, but it is within Swaffham’s hands who just need to win their remaining three games.

Harleston are not guaranteed anything yet, and will probably need a minimum of four points.

Hashtag Utd are champions in their inaugural non-league season, whilst Coggeshall Utd and Halstead Town are battling it out for second place. However, maximum points does not guarantee a top 11 finish in the PPG table for either Halstead or Coggeshall.

With Burham having played all their requisite 24 games this season, they are confirmed as champions whilst Thame Rangers in second, even with a win, will not have enough PPG to be promoted.

If Easington Sports beat Cirencester Town Development today then they will be crowned Champions whilst Cheltenham Saracens will be hoping that the will have a say on Wednesday when they face Kidlington Reserves.

However, if Thornbury win both their remaining games and Easington Sports lose or draw, then Thornbury will have to win today and on Monday AND overturn a 10 goals deficit to win the title.

Either way, promotion from 2nd place is highly unlikely due to PPG.

Heather St Johns are confirmed as champions, whilst Atherstone Town and Racing Club Warwick are still in with a chance of second place and promotion as their PPG would be good enough for promotion if they finished second.

The title race will come down to the last week or so with Longridge Town and competing for the top spot, whilst Lower Breck could snatch second if results go their way, but PPG wouldn’t be enough for Lower Breck.

Rylands yesterday were deducted three points due to fielding an ineligible player, meaning the above points are 76 for Rylands. This in turn means the title race it still open. Any side finishing second will not have enough PPG to win promotion.

With Campion and Grimsby Borough playing each other on the last day of the season, it would see that the title race will be settle at Bradley FDC next Saturday. That is if both sides win their remaining two games. If not Hallam will be they’re ready to pounce. Finishing second for Hallam won’t be enough to get promoted though.

Winterton are still in the title race but would require most above to drop maximum points.

Billingham Town are certain of at least a promotion spot, whilst Thornaby would almost certainly secure a 2nd PPG spot with a win.

Exmouth Town and Tavistock will both be promoted, no matter who wins the title, even though it will come down to the last game of the season.

Alford need to win their three remaining games to secure the title, whilst two wins would secure promotion for Steyning Town, either by finishing first or second. Bexhill could snatch the title if results of their way.

With two games remaining, the only way realistically of gaining promotion will go to the title winners, which could come from any of the top four clubs – exciting!

Harefield United have had an incredible season, whilst Broadfields United have secured a promotion spot with one game to go.

Three teams could still win the title, whilst, all three could finish second and still go up!

AFC Stoneham could upset the final standings with a late run in the final week, whilst a win for Amesbury secures the title and promotion. Romsey Town could snatch second place if results go their way.

The title race and promotion comes down to this afternoon, as with a win for both, Tividale would secure promotion and champions status, then Haughmond would almost certainly gain promotion. But a loss for either side could see them drop of the top 11 PPG clubs.

Cheddar’s recent form has seen them fall behind Keynsham Town who need two points to secure promotion. Cheddar need to win all their remaining games AND hope others in the PPG race slip up.

Here is the 2nd place PPG race (Top 11 as it stands would be promoted):

PosTeamLeaguePPGMin PPGMax PPG
2Anstey NomadsUCL 12.4862.2892.526
2Broadfields UtdSpartan12.4592.3952.474
2Newark FlowsEastMids2.4292.2372.474
1Longridge TownNWC1N2.3712.1842.421
2Steyning TownSoCo12.3672.2192.406
2Atherstone TMidland12.3532.2222.389
4AFC StonehamWessex12.3332.1392.389
1Harleston TownEC1N2.2942.1672.333
2Erith & BelvedeSCE 12.2192.0882.265
3Coggeshall UECS2.2122.0282.278
3Thornbury TownH1W2.2002.0002.273
2Grimsby BoroNCE12.1431.9742.211
2Thame RangersH1E2.1302.0422.167
2Vauxhall MotorsNWC1S1.9711.8162.053

So as it stands, a minimum of 2.368 points would get you promoted, therefore Tavistock and Broadfields United are both guarantee promotion. If Tavistock finish 1st and Exmouth Town finish second then Exmouth would still be guaranteed a space in the top 11 PPG table.

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