BREAKING NEWS! NCEL Division One Manager resigns!

Within the last hour Ryan Hindley has announced that he has left NCEL Division One side Rossington Main.

He wrote the following on social media, “So today I Resign from Rossington Main FC, enjoyed it, lads have been superb. Thanks to all the players, previous Chairman, and everyone who made me and my players and management team welcome. The club don’t feel they can match my ambitions and I want to go higher.”

“The main thing is we stayed up, we gave them pride back in the shirt, and we lost 1 in the last 4 games, finished 14th and when I took over after 10 games we were 19th with 4 points and destined for relegation.”

“Thanks to all my players you gave me everything and made it happen, and my family. We non league managers give everything and sometimes get nothing back.”

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