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EXCLUSIVE! Hindley talks Rossington departure, budgets, wages, & the future!

Last night Ryan Hindley announced that he had left NCEL Division One side Rossington Main after seven months in charge at the club following their 2-1 win over Swallownest.

We caught up with Ryan this morning:

It’s not been the greatest of seasons but you’ve avoided relegation, which was the ultimate aim. Were you happy with the overall season and what has led you to resigning? 

You say it’s not been a great season. I think it’s been a fantastic season. If you look at it, myself, Stuart and Tom took over when the club had four points after ten games and we finished on 41 points, which is a phenomenal achievement. We’ve kissed a few frogs! We’ve gone through a few players and we’ve made that club better and stable. 

A club like Rossington deserves to be stable. It deserves to be better than that because it’s a fantastic set up with some great people, a fantastic Under-19s that are in a final and a chance of winning the League on Tuesday and the Over-35s have won the League. It’s a great club and it’s achieved a hell of a lot more than I believed it would have. It’s not about us. It’s about the players, who have been fantastic. I’ll goaar here… you can only p*ss with the c*ck you’ve got and that’s what we’ve done! We’ve finished fourteenth and it’s one of the highest finishes they’ve had in years. 

I’m delighted with the work that we’ve done and the players have done but you have to remember: I haven’t had a chairman and I haven’t had a physio. I know people will get bored of me saying it but it’s very difficult to run a club when you don’t have the core things that make it function and that’s a chairman and that’s a committee and a board that you can talk to. Things behind the scenes have not been right for me and not what I’m used to. 

Albeit Worksop – congratulations, fantastic season – they had a structure. It wasn’t to my liking but they did have people and they tried to run the club right. I was very, very spoilt in having a fantastic Chairman like Steve Basford at Hallam. I went to Rossington to work with Carl and to get the club to where it needed to be and objective achieved. I can’t keep polishing turds, unfortunately! I need a job where somebody invests in what I believe and, as I’ve proved over the years, I will bring success. 

Rossington is a great club and it just needs the right chairman. I’ve sat down with a couple of them and said they’ve got a week to come back to me with something that is right for me but, at this minute, I’m a free agent. 

If Carl came back, would you reconsider? 

Yes, I’d be back in a heartbeat if Carl came back and there was a restructure. I’ve talked to Wayne, if he wants to be Chairman or wants to be involved, he’s a good guy. I really like him. He’s young, he’s full of ideas and that’s what it needs. It needs to be right financially and Doncaster Belles I think aren’t staying next year so that’s a big dip in finance. I think everybody knows: if you’re going to get success you’ve got to pay money! Grimsby have won the League and I’m glad for Danny; the guy deserves it. They look after their players and they’ve got a great set up – a little bit like Rossington – but they pay money and you get what you pay for. That’s why they’ve won the League. It’s the same with Worksop. 

There’s a lot of insecurity, there’s a lot of needle and a little bit of back stabbing and everything else and that’s no good for me. I need a strong chairman, as I had in Steve at Hallam, that calls a spade a spade, tells you what your budget is and you stick to it. The club at Rossington just couldn’t match what I believe would get us success. It is what it is. You try your best and, in testing circumstances, I think that the players have done a magnificent job and I think my management team have as well. 

You touched on budgets and finances. There are a couple of sides – Dronfield and Worsbrough – who have probably hit well above what their budgets suggest they can do. 

Mogger and Milly have done fantastic jobs and I doff my cap to them. I think they’ve done magnificently. To be fair to Milly, he’s got a bunch of lads who run through brick walls for him and they’re his pals and that’s the biggest thing. A lot of those lads were playing for peanuts for me because they’re my pals and we’ve turned that around. 

But don’t always believe what you hear! I know that Dronfield don’t pay so I can do that. I’m not sure about Mogger and Worsbrough. We were paying £15 per win at Hallam and we could finish fifth so it can be done but that’s the way of the world at the minute. Players… the first thing they say to you is, “How much am I getting?” Half of them should pay subs to play! Their level’s really, really poor. Premier, First Division… It’s not being disrespectful: it’s a glorified Sunday morning league. The thing that makes me laugh is that people play at Goals on a Tuesday and a Thursday and pay £5 and people play on a Sunday and pay £5. Why should people pay at that level? You have to because people take a lot of time out. They miss a lot of family time etc. so they do deserve to get something. 

It is what it is. We’ve gone and given it our best shot. We’ve finished fourteenth on 41 points. A little bit like Hallam were when I took over there, they looked like going out of the League and so did Rossington so objective achieved. I’ve done what I set out to do. I think we’ve instilled some pride back into that badge and hopefully Rossington – whatever happens – whether it’s me or somebody else can continue that. Sometimes you are what you are and you’ve got to be ambitious. Whether you pay or don’t pay, you’ve still got to have ambition. Some clubs are just happy to exist and that’s not me. I want to be manager of a club that wants to keep on and wants to achieve and do well. 

Do you think the money will get even worse next year, with regard to budgets, when four sides will go up from Division One next season? 

Is that what it is? I don’t know and my interest in how that League’s run and the standard of officiating etc., it really doesn’t interest me. I think people are getting overpaid for what they deliver but you are bound by the constraints of fans and everything else. With Rossington’s fans, I think the average crowd’s increased so we’ve done a job again. 

But it’s getting silly. A few clubs have come in and spoilt it by overpaying players and getting limited success. Whereas some people – Pickering, Mansfield and Grimsby – have paid and got the right results and got promotion. Some of the money that some of these players are on, it’s just phenomenal.  I have to scratch my head sometimes and think, “Do you really feel that you’re right to pick that amount of money up for what you deliver?” 

Listen, it’s not about anything. We set out with an objective with Carl, which was to improve home form. We did. To win football games. We did. We beat Handsworth Parramore. We beat our local rivals twice in Armthorpe. We finished above Armthorpe, which is massive for the club. We sent Haworth down. Hopefully they’ll get a reprieve because, with Spinky and the boys there, they’re a great club and they deserved to be in the North-East Counties. We achieved much more than I could have thought when I took over, with the state of the club and the players that they had. I’m immensely proud of the players and what they’ve achieved. 

If you don’t continue with Rossington Main, what does the future hold for Ryan Hindley? 

Hopefully Real Madrid will come in! Hopefully Barcelona! I’m sure that those jobs are up, potentially! 

What’s for me? I want to go higher in some capacity but I speak to managers three and four leagues above and they struggle from the same thing. The attitudes of players now is, “What am I getting” “What do I get?” So I’m just really frustrated by, I guess, that the youth of today in that the first thing people ask is not about the set up or the infrastructure. It’s about what they get paid. 

I love managing, Craig. I love being in the dugout on a Saturday. I love ruffling feathers. I like to achieve. I like to do well so let’s see. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. I suppose I am Marmite! But I get results so we’ll see what the summer brings. If the guys at Rossington – and I’ve said nothing but positive things – if they come back with something that’s right for me and the players want to stay. Yesterday, when I told them I’d left, every single player got up, walked out of the bar and said, “That’s us done!” If I don’t go back, I guess I am concerned for a great club in Rossington that whoever comes in is not going to have any players! I guess that’s testament to the job we’ve done. 

I want to stay in management. I love managing. I love being a part of something and building something so, fingers crossed, the phone might ring! It might not but, either way, I’ve got a beautiful daughter to enjoy and I’ve got a great job and family life. I think every manager tells you the same thing: “I’m going to take time out and I’m going to do this….” No! The phone will ring. It may be Rossington. It may be somebody that offers me an opportunity to go and build something and do something with a proper structure and the ability to achieve. 

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