Club forced to cancel kids tournament after 400% price hike!

Over the past decade Ormskirk West End FC have held our annual tournament each year at Ormskirk School and provided thousands of local children with the opportunity to celebrate their passion for football.

The tournament is organised and staffed on a purely voluntary basis by members of the club, relatives and friends. Over the past ten years we have received a massive amount of support from Ormskirk School and many local businesses.

In 2018 Ormskirk School outsourced the letting of all the school’s facilities to School Lettings Solutions including the field we use for the tournament. When confirming the booking for this year’s tournament they were astonished to find that the price had been increased from the previous year by over 400%.

Despite their pleas School Lettings Solutions have refused to reduce the price. This increase has meant that regrettably they have had no option but to cancel this years tournament.

They appreciate how disappointing this will be for all concerned and are actively seeking alternative venues in the area for next year.

They will of course be refunding any payments made and hope to see you next year.

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