Complete guide to Sin Bins including what happens when a keeper is “binned”!

As you may or may not be aware the 2019/20 season will see the introduction of ‘Sin Bins’ for all Yellow Cards issued for Dissent only at Steps 5, 6 and 7.

This initiative has been brought in by the F.A. and will be introduced into all Grassroots Football under the control of County F.A. Associations.

Here are a few guidelines on how it will work……

• Sin Binnings will last for a period of 10 minutes actual playing time. (8 minutes in games of less than 90 minutes).

• The Match Official will administer a Yellow Card and point to the touchline.

• A Sin Binned player can return to the field of play after the ten minute period or can be substituted by the Manager after the same period of time.

• A player who has served his 10 minutes will be waved back onto the field of play by the Match Official whilst the game is active ( the same as any player who has been off for an injury).• In the case of a Goalkeeper being Sin Binned, an outfield player must take over his position for the ten minute period. On completing his/her Sin Bin period, the Goalkeeper must re-enter the field of play as an outfield player, until which time there is a stoppage in play enabling him to change position.

• Sin Binned players will be asked to sit on their own teams substitute bench during the 10 minutes.

• The Match Official(s) will be the sole Administrator of the Sin Bin time period.

• Players in the Sin Bin are allowed to Warm-Up during the 10 minute period.

• A player receiving TWO Yellow Cards for DISSENT in the same game, will NOT be allowed to re-enter the field of play again for the remainder of the game. However the Manager will be allowed to put on a substitute after the 10 minutes has elapsed.

• Yellow Cards for DISSENT will be reported to the County F.A. and will be used in the ‘Totting Up’ process for Individual Players and Clubs.

• In F.A.Competitions two Yellow Cards for DISSENT in the same Competition will result in a 1 Game Ban for the individual.

• A Player receiving one DISSENT Yellow Card in any game will NOT receive a £10.00 Administration Fine from the County F.A.. However a player who receives TWO DISSENT Yellows in a game will be fined £25.00.

• If a team has 5 or more players in the Sin Bin at any one time, therefore falling below the 7 player threshold, the game will continue if the players are able to return to the game after their Sin Bin period(s).

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