Up to 90 days in prison for “harassment of a school or recreation athletic contest official” – do you agree?

Referee Abuse at any level is wrong, and sometimes this over steps the mark, and that is why a bill in the USA has been raised to make it a crime at youth level – with a 90 day prison sentence the potential punishment.

In a rare meeting on Saturday, the Senate voted 35-to-0 for House Bill 184, sponsored by state Rep. Cameron Henry, R-Metairie to create the crime of harassing refs at youth athletic contests.

The legislation creates the misdemeanor crime of “harassment of a school or recreation athletic contest official.” Conviction could lead to a maximum sentence of imprisonment for 90 days.

The measure must return to the House for its consideration of a Senate amendment that would criminalise not leaving the field and facility when ordered by police.

One day this could come to the UK, do you agree with it in principle?

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