Step 7 side announce they want their fans to run the football club!

We have seen and heard a lot of football clubs who claim to be run for the fans, but now is your chance to have a go to help run a football club… for FREE!

Hull United – Giving football back to the fans

Who are Citizens United?

We are a group of regular football fans. United by the belief that football belongs to the supporters. Some of us are followers of clubs being ruined by greedy owners who are not interested in the club or the fans, but only motivated by money. You only have to look as far as the likes of Hull City, North Ferriby, Coventry, Leyton Orient, Charlton, Bolton, Blackpool, all big clubs, with rich histories, being destroyed by their owners. We want to buck that trend.

We believe that a football club should be at the heart of the local community and the pride of the area they represent. Our ultimate belief though, is that the most important part of any club is the fans.

How it works…

Every decision to do with the day to day running of the club at a boardroom level will be decided by the fans. The management of the first team will remain the responsibility of the first team manager.

Decisions to be made will be put to the members in the form of a vote, with each member having one vote. Elected board members will then put these decisions in to action.

You can be as involved as much or as little as you want.

The process will be completely transparent, and we will bring you regular updates of what is going on behind the scenes and an up to date history of everything that has been voted on previously.

Members will be connected with the first team with regular news updates, match reports, live match updates, interviews and much more.What makes us different?We are well aware that there have been projects similar to this that have ultimately failed.

The main difference with Citizens United is that we do not need anybodies money to proceed. We are not fronted by a businessman who wants people to invest so that the businessman can acquire a club at a fraction of the cost.

People won’t be signing up not knowing what club will be involved and when things will be moving forward.

There is absolutely no financial commitment to get involved. You can sign up to be a member for free today, and immediately start having your say!

How to get involved….

Sign up today at and become and member.

Also, like and share our page on Facebook at also on Twitter @CitizensUnited

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