NCEL Division One Vice-Chairman steps down after number of years at the club

It’s always a sad day when you read that a long standing key member of a club is stepping down, so when we heard Hall Road vice chairman Lee Myerswas leaving his position, we wanted to find out why.

“I’ll start at the beginning …I got involved with Hall Road Rangers 10 years ago through my love for photography. As is my nature I find it hard to sit back and watch others struggle and see things that need doing go undone!

“So I got more and more involved and deeper and deeper and before long I’m vice chairman, press officer and ground maintainer! I roped others in and by hook or by crook we dragged Rangers up by the boot straps and back to where they belong as one of the cities top clubs.

“I know I leave the club in a far better state than I found it with a new home and no court demands on the door mat. There are good people left to run things and the junior section is thriving and stocked full of willing volunteers and awesome players. Children need places to grow and thrive and Rangers is a fantastic umbrella for that to happen under.

“My own personal circumstances mean I have to take a step back and re evaluate things. I will always be a Hall Road Rangers fan and class the chairman, Darren and others at the club as some of my closest friends. Running a club takes its toll that many take for granted and cannot understand.

“I won’t be a stranger to Haworth and wish everyone I’ve worked with, past present and future the very very best!

“Coaching and volunteering is a rewarding and punishing thing to do .. the former always outweighs the latter though.”

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