MUST READ! Woodhouse on Taddy appointment, player budgets and recruitment

Just two weeks ago former professional footballer and British boxing champion Curtis Woodhouse was announced as manager of EvoStik Premier Division East side Tadcaster Albion, and on Friday even we caught up with the no-nonsense gaffer.

Woodhouse started by commenting on his appointment, “Tadcaster is always a club I’ve admired from afar, it’s always had a good reputation and has always been well supported so when I was offered the opportunity to manage the club it was something that really excited me.

“Been away from football for a season was something I really had to do, I started my own boxing academy and I started it from scratch and was working 16 hour days 7 days a week, the building was derelict when I got it so I had to spend a lot of time and money to get it ready and I wasn’t able to commit to football so leaving Bridlington was the right thing to do for both parties, I didn’t think it was fair to be paid for a job I wasn’t able to commit to and I have too much respect for Pete Smurthwaite to do the job half heartedly.

“Now my business is up and running I employ 7 members of staff and it runs brilliantly so I was ready to get back in, now I’m not boxing anymore I feel this is the first managerial job I can 100% commit to so I’m looking forward to chucking myself 100% into the role.

“The first few weeks have been hectic to say the least! When I took the job we had 5 players and as everybody is aware the budget has been drastically cut from last year so we had to get busy in the market recruiting wisely and cost effectively. I’ve tried to identify players who I believe can make the step up to the EvoStik in Jake Day and Fraser Pappril from Bridlington and Nathan Kieghtly from Penistone who has always impressed me when coming up against him and yesterday we added Fraser Hansen who will also try to make the step up and thrive.

“Fraser is technically very good but needs to knuckle down and turn potential into more than that so he now has the opportunity. With what we have I’ve been delighted with our recruitment and the players that have re signed have all taken significant pay cuts to stay at the club which says a lot about the club but also the players personalities so that’s been great for us.

“The ambitions for the season was just to come in and steady the ship then look to slowly build, when I first came in there was plenty of doom and gloom around the place as the club had just missed out on the playoffs then a week later lost 6 players to Scarborough then news came out of the budget cuts so everybody was a bit down in the dumps and thinking the worse but I think we have turned that feeling around with a few exciting signings and it’s hopefully not looking so bad now.

“It was important for me we got value for money and not just give players whatever they wanted and that’s made us lose a couple of targets but in the long run that philosophy will get us the right players with the right attitudes. I want to recruit players that are hungry and with a point to prove rather than players just going from club to club every season without any passion for what they are doing and I think we have done that.

“I believe as the season goes on this squad will improve and the inexperienced lads will grow into it, it’s important to me the fans are patient with the younger lads and really get behind the team and as everybody knows in football anything can happen.

“We will be ready and we won’t be hear to make the numbers up that’s for certain.”

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