The Bootiful Game comes to an end…

Mark Sunday 16th June 2019 in your diaries ladies and gentlemen, as the day The Bootiful Game has come to an end…

After 3 years, 7000+ articles, tens of millions of social media impressions, 1000’s of magazine sales and 2 million visitors to our website, we are officially hanging up our boots.

Thoroughout our journey I (Craig Kendall) have interviewed, spoke to and photographed countless players, managers, fans and volunteers and it has been truly an honour.

We will really miss been at the forefront of the NCEL and have thought long and hard about the future and what we want.

Over the off-season, we had been approached about three different roles for three different leagues, and after a long conversation with each, we have decided to accept the role at one of these (to be announced in the next few days).

However, without our backroom staff The Bootiful Game would not be where it is today so a HUGE amount of thanks goes to Colin Muncie, Ellie Dalglish, Ian Robinson and Margaret Gregory who have been invaluable and I owe them a huge amount.

We have had loads of contributors thoroughout the years and once again thank you to all the writers, managers, players and chairmen who have taken time out to be involved – there are just too many to list.

We may post pieces from time to time but, from myself and our award-nominated team…. Its goodbye.


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