Borough’s Chairman opens up on title winning season

Grimsby Borough’s Tim Harris caught up with their Senior Chairman David Fenwick-and discussed this season in depth and what it means for the club:

Q: David, firstly very well done on winning the Northern County East League Division One Title with Grimsby Borough First Team Mens, can you explain what this means to the club?

David: Thanks, yes we are Champions and deserved ones I feel. This was a project that had started before my time at Borough and I am very happy to see the end results and taking this title it really is amazing and credit to this club. The project started when we was fighting a relegation battle, the Club decided to take on board a local manager by the name of Andy Liddel, Andy has the experience of winning at this level and what it takes to turn clubs around and install belief and passion. It was not long after that when Andy decided to have another name join him as manager whom at the time was a player at the club, Daniel Barrett. These two have vast knowledge of each other and almost like a father son relationship, Daniel had also to his credit over 250 games at EvoStik level as a player and knew what standard and quality was needed to propel the team into the next level.

Between them they had set about forming a team based on as much local talent as possible with the ethos of fast attacking on the ground football, something we do now as standard and a very good one.They drafting in many players over the time and today our bench is a very strong one as is the team, this is when you know you are in with a shout being strong. If I look back before their reign we see a unique change around in points per season, 2 playoff finals, two Lincolnshire Mens Trophy Finals and now of course the History made in winning the title, a credit to their commitment to this club. Winning really was everything to players and Club and the managers, incredible feeling of excitement and relief all in one!

Q: How does the team stack up David now as Champions and how do you feel you can do in the Premier Division next term?

David: Well I am a massive team builder and I can honestly say that I am so pleased with the names we have on our team sheet. I could go on to name a few but in truths every player here today has been a massive credit to this seasons success, they stuck to their tasks and remained believers in their ability and worked incredibly hard and stayed focussed in good times and bad. As for next season we as a unit believe we can not just consolidate but actually be at the right end of the table, I will not share anymore the that at this time, all I can say is that whenever we have played 1, 2 or even 3 steps up in Cups etc we have always given a game and in most cases beaten the opponents and in style or matching their standards. This is because most our players are built up from ex Pro’s or Academy Footballers and experienced players at this level or higher, so I am very comfortable with this amazing squad and the managers to show just what we are capable;e of next season.

Q: David what differences this year have made significant changes to actually win the league if you can put your finger on anything in particular?

David: Well I cannot stress that having the right management in place at any club is as vital as the talent out their on the pitch but I would say this year we added a full-time Sports Therapist/Physio to the team- Chloe Parsons-, I do believe having this fantastic injection to the squad has kept the majority of players fit and looked after, which when I reflect on last season we struggled near the back end of the season with injury and fitness issues, so this year we saw that difference, credit to Chloe and she really has fit in well and loves the team.

Q: Having started last season 3 games in David I guess this is actually your first full season in charge, this also means that your accomplishment will sure be remembered as you start your Legacy to improve Grimsby Borough and arguably you become the most successful Sir Chair to date?

David: Thanks for those stats but I do not take credit for that, Im just an ingredient as is everybody around the first team, I just wanted to get a consistency and team spirit to be at a maximum to inject the belief and help propel this Club up in levels. The real credit goes to players and management for all their hard efforts on and off the pitch and to our reserve management for doing also a top job in developing players for the first team, as a club we have seen this year more players coming up that are home grown Grimsby Borough talents, this is amazing and right down to our u18’s we have a conveyor belt to be excited about.

Q: Was you surprised to see the team take top honours?

David: Not at all no, I was always confident in our ability, we just needed to remain focussed, fit and believing. I had actually set Champions in the agenda, I had no desire to scrape through on what looked a tall task as promotion, so I thought I would set every managers worst nightmare and set Champions as the agenda, I am not surprised but I am simply grateful and ecstatic at the achievement, its a wonderful feeling being crowned Champions and give these great players the chance to play at a higher level in preparation for the real target which is the EvoStik.

Q: Thanks David for your time in speaking to us, is there anything you would like to add?

David: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our amazing sponsors and supporters, if it was not for them then our task would be super difficult, I would like to also thank the Lincs Inspire Team and all at Bradley Sports Facility for providing the best in facilities and to have played on the Divisions best surface all year round. Please follow us next year and we aim to deliver a great display of our ability once again.

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