DENTON: “I’m absolutely gutted. I’m devastated to have to resign.”

Craig Denton, Worksop Town manager.

On Tuesday it came as a shock to hear that Worksop Town manager Craig Denton had resigned from the club after 14 months with the Tigers and promotion to the Northern Premier League.

“It’s a decision I had to make on Tuesday afternoon. There are lots of rumours that go around and people saying why they think I’ve left. The truth is there were a couple of things I needed to iron out at the football club and I had some answers from the football club. Subsequently I contacted the club but there were a few things which I disagreed with, as far as where I had to hand my resignation in. It was accepted but I’ve had the opportunity to sleep on it and I was extremely disappointed with the conversation with the football club.”

At the start of the season you went on holiday, then there was the whole scenario with Danny Patterson. Can you tell us a little bit about that and how it came about that he came back?

More decision-making at the football club in terms of the first team goes through me. It was my decision to move Danny on. When I came back from my holiday, we gave it a couple of weeks and I wanted to bring Danny back to the football club. I asked permission for that to happen with the club. They allowed me to do that and said that I was in total charge for all the first team selection, players in and out and I brought him back. ”

You must wish all the fans the very best and the club the very best. It’s been a fantastic fourteen months or so with the club for yourself and for the fans.

“It’s been absolutely fantastic. I have memories I’ll certainly never forget. In terms of on and off the field I’ve strengthened it massively. I’ve felt the rest of the staff and my backroom team have played a critical part of that. All the players have really bought into what I brought to the club.” 

“Winning games is fantastic but going on that amazing run is unheard of, really, especially at this level. Gaining promotion and doing the double was amazing and I’ve started this season off.”

Are you a little disappointed, essentially?

“I’m absolutely gutted. I’m devastated to have to resign. I have stick with my ethos and my values and, unfortunately, what’s happened in recent weeks and what’s happened this week has made it untenable for me to continue as Worksop Town Manager.”

What does the future hold now for Craig Denton?

For me, I want to have a little bit of time off where I can spend some quality time with the family. Being a full-time teacher, I don’t have that much free time so it will be nice to have a little bit of “me time” back and enjoy a couple of weekends. Whatever will be will be and, as one door closes, another will open.

If I said to you the names John Terry, Kevin Nolan and Nigel Adkins, what list would I be saying….and your name’s on the list?

“I don’t know!”

You are 25/1 to become the next Lincoln City Manager.


I’m not joking! John Terry’s 12/1, Kevin Nolan 8/1, Phil Parkinson 16/1. You’re 25/1.

“I might chuck a quid on it! You never know. Where’ve you seen that?”

On Bet Victor. You’re shorter odds than Joey Barton, Mark Hughes, Nigel Pearson… Thierry Henry’s on the list at 33/1!

“Wow! You need to screenshot that and send it to me! That’s fantastic! Brilliant!

You know, I am gutted. I’m absolutely gutted about moving on and I really want the fans to continue to back the players and back the next man in charge because that’s really Important to me. Without the fans there would not be a Worksop Town and it’s massively important that they continue to support the football club.”

A huge thank you to Craig for the interview and for all his input in the last few years, we’re sure he won’t be without a job for long.

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