Vigars thinks league could continue despite latest changes to restrictions

With most of the NCEL Division One teams currently in Tier 3, Glasshoughton Welfare boss Lee Vigars reckons games should continue.

Today’s announcement from the government has forced another suspension of football for most ‘non-elite’ leagues.

With only a handful of of sides subject to new Tier 4 restrictions, fixtures have been suspended until January 13 at the earliest.

Could the league continue despite that? Vigars thinks so.

“To be honest I’m not surprised although I am disappointed,” he said.

“Most of the clubs in the league remain in Tier 3 so I would of thought it’s a good chance to crack on and get as many fixtures played whilst we can.

“Tier 3 clubs can still admit up to 150 supporters so nothing changes on that front.

“Obviously the clubs who have dropped into Tier 4 will need games to be rearranged for a later date, but surely it’s easier to fix that for a handful of clubs rather than all 40 of us.

“I’m sure there’ll be arguments for and against but I personally think if 35 of the 40 teams can still play then surely we should just continue.”

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